A remodeling project is a daunting task for those who are not familiar with what they need to do and how they can get the most from their renovation project. Some remodeling tasks, such as redoing bathtubs, can be done by just replacing the existing tub with a new one. However, other major projects require special attention that has to be given to each aspect of the project in order to create an environment that is safe, comfortable, and usable by all people involved in the project. Some of these projects can include remodeling the bathroom for disabled and handicapped individuals.

A bathroom remodeling project for disabled and handicapped individuals will have many features to think about. These items include installing ramps in addition to using ramps for wheelchairs and using a van to transport disabled persons into and out of the bathroom. In addition, installing toilet seats in the toilet can be dangerous to those with physical disabilities because they may slip when they are in a wheelchair or cannot maneuver around a toilet. That is why if you need help on renovating your bathroom it is best to call a bathroom remodeling expert in your area.

New wheelchair accessible bathroom furniture can help ease the problems associated with the use of a wheelchair in a bathroom. Wheelchair accessible tubs and showers can give the disabled person the same comfort as he or she would in a larger bathtub or shower. Installing a hand held showerhead makes it easier to wash hands and hair, especially in the case of a person with limited dexterity and without the assistance of a wheelchair.

Wheelchair-accessible showers may have a wide variety of options that include the option of a wall-mounted wheelchair lift or an accessible shower tray. Wheelchair-accessible showers also have a built in seat for the disabled person to sit in for support during bathing. Some wheelchair-accessible showers also have a hand held water dispenser that provides the disabled person with enough water to make them feel comfortable while bathing. Some handicap showers also come equipped with a hand held soap dish and an adjustable handlebar stool.

Installing new wheelchair accessible toilets is essential to remodeling bathrooms for disabled and handicapped people. When installing a new toilet, the height and width of the toilet seat should be carefully considered. The seat should be level and should not be raised or lowered at all. The width of the toilet seat should be comfortable and reach the floor level for all users. The height of the toilet seat should be high enough that it does not interfere with someone’s ability to get into and out of the bathroom safely.

Installing wheelchair accessible toilet seats in the toilet is very important. These seats should be large enough that wheelchair users can easily maneuver into and out of the toilet when they are finished relieving themselves but not so large that it will cause difficulty in maneuvering the toilet or having it tipped over.