There are many advantages to choosing a wood fence for your home. Not only does it look great and add unique character to your landscape, it also costs less than other materials. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of each wood type. Before deciding on which type of wood is best for your fencing needs, consider the price of each. The most common types of wood used for fences are Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pressure-Treated Wood, and Redwood. Each of these wood types is strong, but they differ in quality, durability, and appearance.

The first component of a wood fence is its posts. Posts should be anchored in concrete or a strong plastic foundation to avoid rotting in wet soil. You may want to consider a wooden post that is extra-deep to resist heaving from freezing ground. Properly installed posts can last for more than a decade. To learn more about the maintenance of wooden fences, contact Peterborough Fence Company. They offer free quotes for wood fence installation.

To install a wood fence, you need to dig holes for the posts. If you are doing it by hand, you can use a shovel or a trench spade. Alternatively, you can rent a two-man powered auger to dig the holes. Once you have drilled the holes, you need to level the posts with the use of a hammer. After the posts have been set in the ground, you should fill the holes with gravel to prevent them from sinking.

Pressure-treated wood is the most durable material for a fence, but it is also the least expensive. Western red cedar is a good option for a wood fence. The natural oils and acids of cedar make it less likely to warp or bend than other types of wood. If you choose to stain the wood fence yourself, be sure to use a semi-transparent stain. After years, these woods will start to weather to a grayish hue.

While a wooden fence can last up to 20 years, it will need regular maintenance in order to remain in good condition. If not taken care of, a wooden fence will rot and will need to be replaced. It is also susceptible to insect infestations and is not as durable as vinyl fencing. But if done right, a wood fence is a good choice for your home. If you want an elegant, classic look for your home, then a wooden fence may be perfect for you.

To install a wooden fence, start by deciding the height of the posts. Posts should be installed flush with the top of the fence or extend past the top of in-fill panels. If they are higher than the top of the fence, they are usually topped with decorative finials and other post decorations. In addition, posts should be about the same length as the finished height plus the portion buried under the ground. If you are building a fence, you should always plan to move out after a few years.